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yamashita project – artist in residence


The Yamashita Building performs various domestic and foreign artists, a researcher, the support for students with artist in residence.

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*Aichi University of the Arts & Edinburgh College of Art (Art, Space, Nature )
Stay for exchange program, teacher and students.

*Star Gallery artists
*etc/many kind of Exhibitions connection

“The base of the rainbow” Group exhibition Jan. 9th – 26th
「虹の麓」展(名古屋市文化基金事業ファン・デ・ナゴヤ美術展2014)市民ギャラリー矢田 搬入制作期間、搬出期間、会期中滞在 搬入1月2日~9日、搬出26日~27日、artists 会期中滞在

“Aerial art museum” Group exhibition Nov. 10th – 24th
「くうちゅう美術館」名古屋テレビ塔 artists 会期中滞在

“Aichi Art Triennale 2013”  Stay for production of the participation artists  July 26th – Oct. 27th
あいちトリエンナーレ2013 搬入制作期間、搬出期間滞在 搬入制作 7月26日~10日、搬出10月27日~11月6日、 artists 搬入搬出期間滞在

“The Storm for Art and Popular Culture” Group exhibition Stay for production of the participation artists Jan. 2nd – 21st